Dynamedics is an innovative new health and wellbeing platform. We help organisations deliver remote consultations, assessments and digital wellbeing services to employees, customers and patient. It is designed specifically to support employers in meeting stringent HSE standards as well as enabling hospitals and specialist clinics to provide high quality telehealth services to patients and customers.

Our COVID-19 employee assessment tool is helping businesses manage the process and risks in bringing workers safely back to the workplace. Find out more

For Employers

  • Engage, assess, monitor and support employees
  • Capture health profile and correlate with HR records
  • Visual dashboard showing trends and geographic patterns
  • Ensure HSE compliance and “audit ready” at all time

For hospitals and clinics

  • Provide high quality remote consultations
  • Automate care processes “from triage to treatment”
  • Issue e-prescriptions and update digital records
  • Prebuilt clinical workflows e.g. ‘mental wellbeing assessment”

We help private healthcare professional and specialist clinics to deliver effective remote patient consultations.

Our Dynamedics telehealth platform helps you to innovate the digital services you offer to patients, automating diagnostic and treatment processes, as well as supporting distributed working for you and your team

Rising to the challenge

In these challenging times everyday healthcare needs to continue. Patient appointments, medical reviews and regular check-ups are a vital service that are now being delivered remotely. Doctors and other health professionals who may be less familiar or comfortable using the latest on-line technologies need a simple to setup and easy to use solution for delivering remote consultations with patients. This is what Dynamedics offers.

Rapid innovation

The Dynamedics platform already comes with a range of innovative features such as:

  • e-Prescriptions that connect automatically to the pharmacy
  • Remote consultation with multiway video and information sharing
  • Digital patient engagement pathway with effective marketing
  • Real-time insurance validation

What’s more, because our platform was designed by working with industry experts, it has high degree of easy customisation.  What’s more we’ll do this in days (not months) and for FREE.


We help employers and any corporate healthcare partner they work with to deliver outstanding digital wellbeing services to their employees, whilst demonstrating compliance with HSE regulations and standards

Our Dynamedics digital health platform helps you to support key workers and frontline staff remotely by identifying potential risk factors, assessing impact, recommending interventions and monitoring improvements.


Support and protection for key workers

Looking after the safety, wellbeing and mental health of your employees has never been more important. HSE (Health & Safety Executive) standards are exceptionally high and will continue to rise in a “post-Covid” world. Companies need to ensure they are capturing, managing and mitigating the health risks faced by their frontline and key workers. What’s more they need to do this on a continuous basis, actively monitoring and supporting all of their employees and putting in place effective interventions and support where needed.

Enhanced health, safety and wellbeing

Dynamedics enables all of this by providing digitals tools to continuously and remotely assess employees as well as identify and monitor health risks such as anxiety, depression, musculoskeletal issues or virus exposure. The platform facilitates a continuous digital conversation between managers, employees and healthcare specialists.

  • Digitally engage and support workers in the field
  • Prebuilt diagnostic tools and e-assessments for common concerns
  • Instant help and support guides for employees
  • Link to clinical specialists for advice and treatment

Getting it right

The Dynamedics platform captures notes, diagnostic results and interventions digitally which can then be correlated with existing HR systems and people data bases. A simple and intuitive dashboard allows managers, HR and specialists to monitor the progress of each case and apply rapid corrective action where needed.  They can also explore previously unseen patterns and trends in the data across all departments and geographies. Furthermore because everything is captured in one place Dynamedics ensures you are always “audit ready” and complaint with HSE regulations and standards.

  • Up to date and secure digital health and wellbeing records
  • Visibility and control across a large number of employees
  • Correlation with HR systems and other employee data sources
  • Compliant, secure and always “audit ready”

Rapid Innovation

If you identify a need for additional features, diagnostic tools, data integrations then our innovation and development team will co-develop them with you. What’s more we’ll do this in days (not months) and for FREE.


COVID-19 Assessment

Our prebuilt COVID-19 digital assessment tool gathers regular health data from employees. Any early symptoms of coronavirus infection results in rapid escalation so that employees at risk can be supported and isolated from their co-workers if necessary.

  • Remote automated COVID-19 assessment with employees wherever they are
  • Pre-screen employees before they arrive on site
  • Assessment based on clinical guidelines ensuring symptoms are captured accurately and early
  • Repeat frequently to spot patterns across teams and locations
  • Instant recommendations for both employees and managers
  • Builds employee confidence in their employer
  • Management dashboards provide company wide oversight
  • Create and adapt workflows and publish assessment updates
  • Employers can demonstrate HSE compliance and are “audit ready“
  • Schedule regular social distancing and hygiene reminders
One platform

That provides a range of telehealth services from simple appointments to digital triage to remote wellbeing monitoring

Dynamic & customizable

New features and capabilities are quickly created and rapidly available. Processes can be streamlined, automated and delivered securely online

Secured & fully managed service

We take care of everything and ensure the platform is always “audit ready” and available 24/7 so that you can focus on your patient

 “74% of consumers would use telehealth services if given the opportunity”

The Dynamedics platform is built on Creatio that empowers mid-size and large organizations to accelerate operational and customer facing processes.

Supporting digital access to healthcare

The Everyday Health Experience

Virtual consultations that can be audio or video. Invite in additional specialists, capture notes and images, provide links to guidance and self care and dispense e-prescriptions

  • Engaging patient experience 
  • Add in remote family members, interpreters, and other care team members on the fly during a video consultation
  • Enable patients’ self-schedule follow-up visits
  • Send auto-confirmations and reminders via email and SMS
  • Enable home visits for acute care patients and chronic disease management
  • Get instant feedback with a post-visit survey
  • Automated e-prescriptions

Designed for Clinicians and Hospitals

Our telehealth was designed for hospitals to provide acute remote care and general remote care. Dynamedics supports hospitals to provide home-based remote care.

  • Unlimited specialities with one system – Regardless of your clinic size or speciality, we have the tools you need to keep up with the demand, reduce wait times, and deliver high-quality care 
  • Simplified clinical workflows – We help make it easier by creating custom workflows designed to meet your unique needs, with our efficient workflow experience  tool 
  • A better plan for patients – Triage patients from a single provider dashboard and refer their insurance coverage details
  • Refer patients and keep them in your network – A single platform to coordinate among nurses, physicians, specialists and clinicians

Remote Occupational Healthcare

Not all occupational follow-up require physical interactions with medical staff. Dynamedics platform can be easily customised for employers to use various clinics for online-medical screening, sickness absence referrals, etc. Occupational health advisors can send a questionnaire ahead of the consultation and speak to an employee over video or audio call.

  • Remote assessment of staff before returning to work after testing, isolation, shielding or illness
  • Digitally share trust level communication, e.g., FAQ that is health-related
  • Remote consultation with HR specialist and staff
  • Remote interviews with medical specialists

Secure, scalable and customisable

We take privacy and security very seriously. Communications are established using 256-bit TLS encryption and all shared content can be encrypted using AES-256 encryption. Complies with HTTPS, GDPR and DPIA requirements.

“Our goal is not production and safety, it is production with safety. We consider safety a production tool and understand that people are our most important assets - their safety is our greatest responsibility.”

A US building and construction company are using the Dynamedic platform to manage their occupational health programme and in particular support their 100 workers as they return from lockdown or self-isolation into work. A coronavirus triage application will ensure infections are detected early and minimise exposure of workers.
An Australian hospital is using Dynamedics to run their mental health clinic. The platform will enable remote digital delivery of clinical pathways including:
  • Investigation and data capture
  • Risk scores & profiling
  • Clinical planning and prescribing
  • Patient & treatment monitoring

“we continue to focus on improvements that will keep us at the forefront of health care delivery.”


Mitra Innovation launches Dynamedics, new digital health and wellbeing platform
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Mitra Innovation launches Dynamedics, a new digital health and wellbeing platform
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Mitra Innovation launches Dynamedics, a new digital health and wellbeing platform

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